Green Ammonia

Intensified Electrochemical Process (IEP)

Nitrogen is produced by the Haber Bosch ammonia process that currently produces brown ammonia from carbon-based energy and methane.  This process is carbon intensive (C02) resulting in 450 mmt C02/yr of man-made Green House Gas (GHG) emissions.

Green Ammonia is the solution.

Green Ammonia is produced from Renewable Energy and Electrolysis (splitting Hydrogen from Water) or Electrochemical to produce a total green carbon neutral ammonia.

Two problems with Green Ammonia exist.  The challenges around effective ammonia production and the cost of green ammonia to the current Haber Bosch Grey Ammonia process.

Soilgenic has the solution with the Adroitech patented Intensified Electrochemical Process (IEP).

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A Soilgenic & Adroitech Collaboration

Soheil Khiavi  - Founder Adroitech

Soheil Khiavi brings more than 30 years of experience in fundamental research and product development of gas separation and adsorption systems and holds more than 200 patents and multiple publications.

Soheil’s experience and structure technology is the key behind the Intensified Electrochemical Process (IEP).  His technology was initially developed as a solution for the carbon capture industry as a cost-effective technology and will also be used by Soilgenic for the RNG / Gas Separation Industry.

Soheil’s secular experience includes QuestAir Technologies as Advanced Process Application Manager for the company’s adsorption systems as well as Director of Technology Development at Xebec Adsorption and CTO with Inventys / Svante developing the C02 capture technology. He graduated in Refinery Engineering from Shiraz University in Iran in 1992 and completed a Masters in Chemical Engineering from University of Western Ontario in 2001.

Intensified Electrochemical Process (IEP)

Will simplify and increase the operating efficiency of the green ammonia production process

The technology utilizes the patented Structured Catalyst Technology for rapid and efficient gas separation for green ammonia as well as other gas separation technologies such as RNG Gas Separation

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Adroitech Structured Catalyst

The Structured Catalyst technology significantly disrupts the current catalyst design technology by radically increasing the efficiency of the catalysts ability to capture and intensify the ammonia separation process

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