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Helping the World Grow Sustainably

Innovating Enhanced Efficiency Fertilizer Technologies

Soilgenic is focused on Climate Smart Technologies for Agriculture. Fertilizers are responsible for feeding the world, but nutrients can be tied up in the soil or lost to the environment contributing to climate change and nutrient loss that contributes to red tides and aquatic dead zones.

Soilgenic has developed a suite of Enhanced Efficiency Fertilizer (EEF) Technologies for all Nitrogen fertilizers. The suite of patents include new innovations that will significantly improve application, product performance, as well as a lower overall cost for both upstream manufacturers and downstream retail applications.


Our Phosgain Efficiency Technology improves phosphate fertilizers by enhancing the availability of phosphate over a longer period of time, allowing the crop to utilize more phosphate with less tie up in the soil.


At Soilgenic we are innovating tomorrows


Climate Smart Technologies

Our Vision: To reduce GHG Emissions and Environmental Impact by implementing Climate Smart Technologies

Our Mission: Soilgenic is committed to helping the world grow sustainably

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