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Below Ground Loss Protection for Ammonia Based Fertilizers

Drive-N is the Highest analysis enhanced efficiency fertilizer (EEF) formulation for Ammonia-Based Fertilizers with enhanced protection at a low cost for the industry.

Soilgenic's Drive-N EEF Technology for Ammonia-based fertilizers completes our retail line of technologies.  Our patented formulation improves the coverage and penetration into hard granules for products such as ammonium sulfate, MAP / DAP Phosphate fertilizers and is also for manure management keeping the ammonia stable for application and in the soil.


The enhanced formulation with NitroBlock™ Enhanced DCD and a lower cost improves the performance and cost.

Below Ground Loss Protection (Nitrification - Denitrification)

Nitrosomonas and Nitrobacter bacteria are responsible for the conversion of ammonium to nitrite and then nitrate contributing to below ground loss.


Our NitroBlock Enhanced DCD (Dicyandiamide) Nitrification inhibitor technology temporarily reduces the activity of the Nitrosomonas and Nitrobacter bacteria to prevent denitrification and leaching loss.

NitroBlock Enhanced DCD also provides protection against microbial reduction (Denitrification) where nitrate nitrogen is converted back to the gaseous form of nitrogen.

Below Ground

Nitrification Protection

Lower Nitrate Levels Than Commercial DCD

Lower Nitrate levels Than Untreated Nitrogen

NitroBlock stays in place for longer lasting and improved Below Ground Protection, resulting in less nitrate production and nitrogen loss to the environment

* Based on lab testing of soil nitrate levels measured after 27 days

Label / MDS updates coming soon

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Efficiency Technologies

Soilgenic's Enhanced Efficiency Technologies for Nitrogen

Vision is the Highest analysis enhanced efficiency fertilizer formulation for UREA with enhanced protection

Diamond-N is the only fully soluble UAN formulation for improved enhanced efficiency fertilizer performance

Knifed-N is the Only Non Corrosive enhanced efficiency fertilizer formulation for Anhydrous Ammonia

Drive N offers protection for Ammonia based fertilizers (DAP - MAP) and Ammonium Sulfate

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