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Improve Your Phosphate Fertilizer Efficiency

Phosgain's unique mode of action and patented manufacturing process creates a specific molecular weight that improves Phosphate Fertilizer availability.

Soilgenic's Phosgain, frees insoluble phosphate complexes and protects phosphate from forming
insoluble complexes thereby increasing plant available phosphate.


Up to 90% of phosphate fertilizer is unused in the year of application resulting in poor phosphate efficiency and potential for environmental loss.


Phosgain protects phosphate and through the patented production process and unique mode of action, Phosphate availability to the plant is increased due to a high level of ion exchange capacity.

Un-protected phosphate can quickly get tied up in the soil.


Strong cations in the soil attach themselves to the phosphate and prevent it from becoming available to the plant.

Regular Untreated Phosphate

The unique modified branch chain polymer has an optimum molecular weight that allows for greater solubility and offers performance over a broad soil pH range.

Phosgain active ingredient "binds" to the cationic metals  allowing for more Phosphate to be available to the plant.

Treated Phosphate

Phosgain’s mode of action and specific molecular weight allows for the phosphate to move into the root zone creating a protected channel of phosphate from the phosphate granule source.

Phosgain is solvent based and uses a unique polymer as its mode of action. As a result, Phosgain is a Potassium or Ammonium Salt.

Enhanced Delivery Technology

How is our Solvent Based Chemistry Different?

Water-based formulations make it very difficult to apply to phosphate fertilizers (MAP or DAP) without significantly impacting the crush strength.  In high humidity regions, this is a major issue.

Our PenXcel Enhanced Delivery Technology is an environmentally friendly solvent based formulation that does not degrade the quality of phosphate fertilizers, making Phosgain easy to use.

Label / MDS updates coming soon

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