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Nitrogen Efficiency Technologies

"Creating tomorrow's"

Soilgenic's Enhanced Efficiency Fertilizer (EEF) Technologies for Nitrogen set a new standard in quality and performance while breaking through the price barrier to provide the best return on investment for farmers around the world.  Our Enhanced Efficiency Technologies provide solutions for above and below ground protection for all Nitrogen Fertilizers.

Efficiency Technologies

Soilgenic's Enhanced Efficiency Technologies for Nitrogen

Visio-N is the Highest analysis enhanced efficiency fertilizer formulation for UREA with enhanced protection

Diamond-N is the only fully soluble UAN formulation for improved enhanced efficiency fertilizer performance

Knifed-N is the Only Non Corrosive enhanced efficiency fertilizer formulation for Anhydrous Ammonia

Drive N offers protection for Ammonia based fertilizers (DAP - MAP) and Ammonium Sulfate

Nitrogen Efficiency
Active Ingredients

Active Ingredients

Our patent pending INprove NBPT technology significantly reduces the production process cost for above ground protection by 50%

Our patented NitroBlock improves below ground protection and keeps the nitrogen protected in the ammonium form showing nitrate levels 10x lower than commercial DCD and 80x lower than untreated nitrogen

UREA Upstream Manufacturing Efficiency Technologies

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