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A New Standard for Below Ground Nitrogen Protection

Read about how NitroBlock can enhance and protect Nitrogen for below ground loss to leaching and denitrification.

NitroBlock one page overview
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Calgary, Alberta, Canada: Soilgenic Technologies, LLC is proud to announce the development of the next generation Nitrification technology for below ground Nitrogen stabilization.

The Soilgenic R&D Team has established and patented an enhanced DCD technology that significantly improves below ground loss of Nitrogen from leaching and Denitrification. NitroBlock Enhanced DCD will set a new standard for below ground performance.

For more information please click on the link to our press release.

Soilgenic is excited to have Chris join our board of directors. His depth of knowledge and his background in the Agribusiness sector will provide valuable insights as Soilgenic develops our global growth strategy.

Soilgenic Press Release - Chris Paterson - 4-9-22
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